Awaken to the

Divine Inside of You

Kate Lally is a licensed therapist turned life coach + business mentor that helps you reclaim your personal power

I’m here to remind you

…that your greatest source of power is you.

It can’t be found in things, on the internet, or purchased at some fancy store.

Your power is within you, if you are ready to tap into it.

It requires you to uncover what’s been hidden from you, under layers of shame and conditioning that’s kept you locked out of your heart and stepped out of your own power.

I’m here to remind you that what you need is hidden deep within.

As a student and teacher of this work, I am a shame excavator.

And I’m here to help you with sacred tools + practices to tap you back into your sacred self to awaken the divine inside of you.

In a society that teaches us to see our sensitivity as a symptom, it is a rebellious act to reclaim it as a gift and to use it as a tool to awaken us to higher consciousness and new levels of life.

I get it. You’ve tried everything.

Your life looks great on the surface, but something is missing. You’ve lost that spark. Or maybe you know where you’re out of alignment, but you’re waiting for someone else to hand you the keys to take control of your life. I’m here to remind you that you still have the keys, they’ve just been hidden behind fear, shame and layers of conditioning that have kept you disconnected from yourself.

I am part midwife to your soul, part long-lost soul sister. I serve as a channel to your soul that connects you back to your most wise, loving and authentic self. As a therapist, I was a caretaker and a “fixer,” a survival mode that I took on in childhood that played out into my adult life. As a coach, I am a catalyst and soul-igniter. I help you see where you are stuck in a mode of dimming and disowning your innate gifts and strengths, as I coach you up into your power as you accept ownership of your calling and who you came here to be.

Together, we embark on a journey to set you free from the toxic “shoulds” and a life that keeps you feeling tamed, so you can stop playing small and set yourself free to create a life that sets your soul on fire.

Do these sound familiar?

Maybe you’re a Mom and you’ve lost yourself amidst the noise and know that you need to start putting yourself first…

Maybe you’re cracking open and amidst a shift or transition in your life and relationship and need help tuning into your own higher guidance

Maybe you’re breaking free from generational patterns and want help ending old cycles as you step into new ones

Maybe you’ve outgrown your old life, but you can’t see what’s next and need someone to help you clear the cobwebs to see a new path for yourself

Maybe you don’t know what you need, you just know you’ve got some energy leaks and want support tightening up your boundaries as you step into your next evolution

Maybe you’ve peaked in your personal development journey, have stopped feeling like therapy is productive and want someone to guide you on a spiritual path who’s been there before you

Maybe you’ve lost trust in yourself and can’t see yourself clearly and want someone who can tune you back into you and reflect back to you the truth of who you are

Liberate Your Soul

Coaching Program

This 3-month or 6-month program includes all of the following:

6 90-minute coaching sessions

on Zoom, scheduled every other week for 3 of 6 months

A Starter Kit

sent to you in the mail with tools to kickstart your journey

Session Reflections

following each session with divine takeaways, resources + assignments

Support via Voxer

a voice messaging app throughout our sessions

Facebook Community

Access to my Facebook Community of Women Rising

Book Club

Access to a Monthly Self-Development Book Club

The Process:

Session 1:

Identify sources of shame + prior conditioning that led to creation of a false self

Session 2:

Get to the root; Identify habits and behaviors keeping the false self alive

Session 3:

Honor your story; Identify resilience factors

Session 4:

Shift the Script; Cultivate new beliefs that support this next level you

Session 5:

Step into New Patterns; Create new habits and behaviors to support the new you

Session 6:

Integration in your work, life and relationships + Next Steps

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Clients Say it Best

“Working with Kate has truly transformed me on every level. Through her ability to see to the root of an issue and see your true self, she unlocks your true potential and ignites your soul. Kate has a beautiful way of being able to guide you past your blocks with honesty, love and compassion. Her ability to meet you where you stand, hold space for you and guide you through your journey to be a conscious creator of your life is a gift and an amazing talent”

Kallie Moar Owner/Founder of NX Realty

“I saw my friend go through a GLOW UP and when I asked for help, she sent me Kate’s information. I knew it was a blessing! Before Kate, I was a mess. I was dealing with anxiety, newly diagnosed with ADHD and a new Mom. When I met Kate, I was ready to take that first step to make my life better. With Kate, I learned great life tools. I learned to see situations from a different perspective and she definitely made me say, “Oh, I never thought about it that way.” I have learned to be kind to myself, to take time for myself, to ask for help. It is an everyday process still, but I am confident that I can do it.”

Leslie Chavez

I have worked with Kate twice now and both times have been very transformative for me. She understands me on a soul level. She helped me move through so many blockages and reframe negative perspectives into positive ones. With her guidance, I was able to see not only myself from a different lens, but my partner and family members. She helped me understand them on a soul level. Kate, thank you for your work, your guidance, and your soul. Without the work we did together, I wouldn’t have evolved and blossomed during the major life changes I made.

Alyssa Moore, Spiritual Intuitive

“Since working with Kate, I have become a Certified Life Coach & left my Corporate job to finally pursue my dream of being a business owner. Kate was truly my catalyst for change. She helped me get in touch with ME and what I wanted for my life and pushed me to see it through to make it happen. My favorite part about working with her is the way she delicately balances listening and offering insight while also sharing her truth and normalizing some of the scariest of emotions that come up during sessions! She is wise, kind and she has truly stepped into her power, which is helping other women step into theirs.”

Lauren St. Germain, Corporate Leader turned Life + Career Coach

“I sought out Kate for her unique experience as a therapist, a coach, and someone who has experienced workplace abuse. I’ve been blown away by how intuitively she applies this experience to create space for healing and growth. What I love about working through the abuse trauma with Kate is that it is not the focus of our work, but rather an experience we use together to come into awareness of my own power and the beliefs and behaviors that serve that power. I am grateful to have found Kate at this point in my life and would highly recommend her.”

Sarah Kaulfuss

“All therapy ever told me was how I was a broken and defective copy of everyone else.  Coaching with Kate helped me realize that the opposite was true. I am worthy of love, like everyone else, and my unique path and way of working does not change that fact in the slightest. A few months of coaching with Kate has done what nearly a decade of therapy couldn’t do. She helped me unlock and heal from my trauma and accept myself as I am, helping me be truly ready to achieve all of the things I have ever dreamed about. Coaching with Kate has been invaluable. I don’t know where I’d be otherwise.”

Acadia Tucker, College Student

“I met Kate during a period of my life where I was struggling with emotional and professional relationships. She became a light post I could return to when things got dark and eventually, through a commitment to self, the darkness faded. Kate provides a perspective shift that will help you realize your full potential for happiness. She sheds light on the resources out there for you outside of the sessions and this helped me confirm that I was not alone in this journey and I had chosen the perfect guide! To anyone thinking of hiring Kate as a coach, don’t think twice, it is more important than you know.”

Dan Temple, Engineer

“I’m not sure I have the adequate words to describe the way Kate positively impacted my life, but I will try. First off, Kate has a kind and compassionate nature and also an intuition in how to gently nudge growth and new awareness. She reframed a challenging situation in my life in a way that has helped me approach it with greater purpose and intentionality. Her words, thoughts and ideas have continued to impact me beyond our time together. She planted seeds of growth that continue to catalyze my personal and spiritual transformation. She is a true blessing and has found her calling in life.” ​

Laura Gaughran, Parenting Coach

“The most meaningful and empowering aspect of working with Kate has been that her intuitive voice has never created dependency. She is not my savior or my doctor, but she has been a very patient teacher and has guided me back to myself over and over again so that I could learn how to better understand, trust, and love myself. It is clear in working with her that she has a strong gift of intuition.  I have appreciated her honesty, her gentleness, and her insight. I have greatly benefited from working with Kate and would recommend her if you are looking for a healing energy presence in your life to help guide you back to yourself!”

Molly Odell, Holistic Health Practitioner

“Choosing to work with Kate has been one of the best decisions that I have ever made for myself and my family. I have spent my career working as a child and family therapist. I have seen firsthand the value, as well as the many limitations of traditional mental health counseling. I purposely chose a different route for myself and my family because I didn’t want to spend years being “stuck.” Kate was supportive, yet encouraged multi-generational healing, forward movement and growth. I will not hesitate to contact Kate in the future for additional coaching and look forward to discovering and exploring future goals with her.”

Laura Clark, Licensed Therapist and World-Traveling Mom

“When I stumbled upon Kate Lally and her life coaching program, my life was in chaos and I was a mess. Anxiety, depression, shame, trauma, and fear were running my life and I had lost control. I felt stuck and I was tired, but I was also ready. Kate gave me the tools and motivation I needed to empower myself to make changes. After a few short months of “doing the work” with Kate I have learned more about myself then I thought possible, my relationships are stronger for it and it has allowed me to accept joy and happiness back into my life. I made new career decisions I never thought were possible.”

Lynne Gillis, Nurse Practitioner

“Working with Kate feels like you are connecting with an old friend and having a conversation with your higher self at the same time. Her ability to allow the natural flow of energy to guide discussion and simultaneously tie in patterns and themes of the bigger picture is amazing. While working with Kate, I have had so many ‘lightbulb’ moments in a short period of time. I love that she has also connected me with a multitude of helpful external resources. Kate provides clarity, a space where all vibes are welcome, and empowering guidance in all that she does.”

Annelise Williams, Reiki Practitioner

“Coaching sessions with Kate were so natural it almost seemed like a conversation with a long lost friend. I started seeing Kate after being in a traditional therapy setting, which was helpful in many ways but left me a little stuck. Kate was able to help me step into my power and speak my truth in a way I was never comfortable doing in the past. I’ve started to show up for myself and I’ve seen how this transformation has positively impacted those I love. I’ve experienced a complete mindset shift from Kate’s guidance that continues to propel me into a life filled with more love and joy.”

Clara O’Rourke, Deputy Director at WEC The Worcester Education Collaborative

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